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what is that book??

okay. here's the deal. my brother (full korean) wants me to buy him a book to read because he wants to better his english. he speaks english already, it's not like he's incompetent. but we all know reading does wonders. anyway, there's one book that he really enjoyed reading about 7ish years ago but he doesn't know the title... i was hoping someone would recognize the story...

so the story is about a teenage boy and his sister. i forget why, but they go to l.a. to try to survive on their own. they end up squatting in an abandoned movie theater and when the boy goes out to look for a job, his sister is killed. he comes back and the police are all around, so he sneaks in, slips on something wet (i.e. blood), and is arrested as a suspect (afterall, he's got blood allll over him :P). so he tells his story to one of the policemen, the cop believes him and tries to help him out, taking custody of the boy. and of course he feels like shit and wants to commit suicide. i guess the story wasn't finished, because the killer wasn't revealed in the end--perhaps there is a sequel??

anyway, there it is. i really hope somebody can figure out what book this is... it's hard to buy the book when i don't know the author, title, etc... ! thanks guys!
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