IllinoisShell (illinoisshell) wrote in skbooks,

what I am reading

I started reading White Oleander last night. They are making a movie from it and I decided I wanted to read this one first before I saw the movie. It's ok. IMO it has alot of unnecessary words in it *LOL* but I know alot of people like that style of writing.

I finished the book called The Last Victim. It wasn't bad. It was a quick read, which is a good thing. But it wasn't really what I expected. My mom warned me it was pretty graphic, but even that wasn't THAT bad IMO. I have read worse. Basically, this 18 year old kid tries to get in the mind of serial killers and find out why they did what they did, etc. and things if he pretends to be their friend, he will succeed where investigators and detectives had not. He met John Wayne Gacy (not sure how many of you have heard of him, he was the Killer Clown and was locked up here in IL and put to death by lethal injection)... Gacy was one mentally messed up person too, from the sounds of this book... he also wrote to Dahmer before Dahmer was murdered in prison... and Ramirez, etc.
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