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In the past 2 years I've gotten addicted to reading true crime (or very good fiction) novels. I've read enough Ann Rule and Max Haines for my liking. As well as Kathy Reichs and Jefferey Deaver. I was wondering if any of you were able to recommend me some good true crime writers and maybe their works I could try and find. Unfortunately I've read all the books on my shelf and want to try something new.

I tend to enjoy the more sadistic unknown killers as well.
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I can't seem to write true crime. I wonder sometimes if it is because the crimes seem dumb to me or maybe I just have a more criminal mind that the true crooks do. I have no problem reaching in the deepest tunnels of my brain and finding a dark figure waiting to be released. Like the monster in my book "Living Dolls."
Goodness, sometimes, I scare myself...