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My favorite reading genre True crime

Hi I am from The Netherlands used to read only Dutch translated books but when i got interested in reading true crime it was hard to get translated books. In our local library there were maybe 4 books. 3 by Ann Rule. I read them, liked them but wanted more so i decided to buy a book.
I chose Blood Lust by Gary C King and that was a very good choice. after reading that book I have never read Dutch again.(It is still one of my favorite books)

I think I was lucky because I bought really good books.
for instance

Die for Me
A love to die for
The sex slave Murders
Love's blood
Blood Rush and so on

Which got me going because after reading those i have bought bags of true crime books on ebay.
(I still have at least 100 still to be read.
Also became a member on bookcrossing

Last books I bought secondhand

Cellar of Horror By Ken Englade
Breaking Point by Suzy Spencer (TBR)
Crossing the Line By Lisa Pulitzer
Death Cruise by Don Davis (TBR)
Death of an Angel by Don Davis (TBR)
Rope by Michael Newton (TBR)
Victim the other side of Murder by Gary Kinder (TBR)
Tears of Rage by John Walsh (TBR)
Cold Kill by Jack Olsen (TBR)
If I die by Michael Fleeman (TBR)
The Sunset Murders by Louise Farr (TBR)

TC Books I have read lately

The Only Living Witness (about ted Bundy ) very good book
Shattered Innocence Shattered dreams
Over the edge
The Milwaukee murders
Innocence Lost
Pray for us sinners

Bookcrossing True crime books to be read:

Body Hunter by Patricia Springer
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